do you have a suggestion as to what glue to use when adhering canvas to eva foam? im planning on making a tactical vest for solid snake (specifically iroquois pliskin) by using a method similar to the one people use with 4 way stretch vinyl or spandex. my problem is vinyl wouldnt work in this situation and its properties are different so im not sure contact cement would just seep through. would i have to sew it at this point? thank you!!

Contact cement is pretty thick stuff, I don’t think seeping through would be an issue unless your canvas has a very loose weave/gaps. If you want to be sure, test it out with a small piece of canvas and EVA foam. Let it fully cure and then see what it looks like and how much flex the glue can support.

If the cement isn’t working, you might find spray adhesive useful, but it is messy. You may also have luck with mod podge. 


Duckie / Admin