Hey there, im working on a cosplay for my d&d character. Shes a Fire Genasi and im having trouble with her hair. Her hair looks exactly like Jezebeth’s from Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. How would one go about making the wig stick up like fire?

There are a couple different tricks that can get your wig to stand up vertically:

  1. Build a foam/wire shape that is slightly smaller than your end goal. Remove wefts from the wig to create space and attach your shape to the wig’s base. Then re-sew your wefts into the rest of the wig as needed. You can then paint glue onto your base shape and pull the wig strands over it to fully cover it. Repeat in layers until the foam is fully covered and the wig is styled as you want it. 
  2. Tease the wig to add volume near the center of the wig. I find using heat, hairspray and a bristled brush will give you the best teasing. Then, like using a foam shape, you can pull the nice outer strands over the teasing and glue or pin into place. 
  3. Hang your wig upside down and style it that way, using ample amounts of hairspray or a mix of glue/water to help it hold its shape. You’ll want to focus on giving the “roots” the most support, teasing can help as can using a clear drying glue. Once dried, flip it over and touch up as necessary. 

Since you’re fighting gravity, you can use a hairdryer to help dry the hairspray quicker to help it hold in place!

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