Hi! Trying to find a type of plastic that I can use to make a visor with for my Sun Eater cosplay. It’s a thin plastic that’s malleable with a heat gun and can easily be cut with scissors as is. I don’t know what the name of the plastic is called (PETG?) or where to get some (in sheet sizes). It’s used for those color/tinted tennis visors and those clear colored spray bottles you buy at the Dollartree/plastic ornaments. Going to dye it with RIT or iDye and then shape it. Thanks in advance!

PET-G ( Polyethylene Terephthlate Glycol-Modified) is the term. This blog doesn’t suggest where to buy things, but you can try asking in the Cosplay Tutorial Hangout Group for recommendations. You may want to include what country and state/province you are from to get suggestions that ship to your location.

You can also try a google search for “petg where to buy” and you should be able to find a couple places that sell it. You might also be able to find sheets on ebay or amazon. 

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