Hi! I’ve been planning for a while to cosplay Annie from League of Legends. What kinda worries me is the wig… I have never styled or even cut a wig. I’ve looked up tutorials for the ‘V-bangs’ but none of them are very clear… is cutting it diagonally all you have to do? The back worries me even more. Do you have to hold it curled, spray hairspray on it to achieve that look? Or iron it and stuff? Thank you so much!! (See submitted image for reference)

Hello there!


Cutting a bang shape like this really is as simple as cutting it on an angle. Make sure that you still cut with a razor or cut up into the wig in order to get a natural-looking cut line.

As for styling, her bangs are slightly curled with a large diameter curler. You can use a curling iron for this if your wig is heat resistant (be sure to test the heat first to make sure you don’t fry the wig), or you can heat it around a round object with a hairdryer. Make sure that the fiber stays supported in that shape while it cools – wrapping it around a frozen water bottle will do this for you quickly. She doesn’t have enough volume that I’d recommend teasing the underlayer, but if you find that you need to, make sure that you save out enough of the top layer to have a smooth appearance on top. You probably won’t need much, if any, hairspray, but a small spritz will help hold the bangs in place.

Good luck! I hope that helps. :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff