Hello there!! I’m trying to cosplay Clea from the Doctor Strange comics for Anime USA and I’m kinda stumped as to what I should do about her shoulder pads and bodysuit? Any Suggestions!?

Hello there!


This, to me, looks like it would be easiest to do with a leotard over another bodysuit, rather than making it all in one piece. 

You can purchase a black unitard and a wet look or mystique purple leotard, and then modify them, or you can sew one or both pieces yourself so you have access to a greater range of materials and custom fit. You can find commercial patterns for stretch bodysuits and leotards – look in the costume or dancewear section of the catalog.

If you choose to purchase, you can create the patterns on her arms and legs with metallic fabric paint. Be sure that the bodysuit is stretched as you paint (such as wearing it or placing it on a form – if you wear it, saran wrap yourself first to prevent paint transfer) so that the size will be correct once the paint dries, and so the proportions are correct.

You can also applique the pattern on. I would recommend a metallic spandex for the shiny effect and stretch Heat N Bond to fuse it to the main fabric (you probably won’t even need to sew down the edges). I would recommend doing this before you sew the bodysuit together.

A cursory search hasn’t turned up any materials with a similar print, but if you want to search for yourself, you may find something close enough.

For the shoulderpads, I would recommend creating basically trapezoid shapes out of a shiny metallic spandex and then quilting in the lines. You can do this by gluing the fabric to EVA foam/craft foam on the backside, or you can use a quilt batting material and sew the lines to create the puffy effect. You can then sew this to the shoulders of your leotard.

I hope that helps! good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff