Hiya! I’m pulling together a Misa Amane costume for an anime convention in May (but if I can get it done fast I want to use it for Halloween) and I’m terrible with makeup. Idk how to achieve her shiny lip look without gloss but since she’s got long hair it would keep getting stuck with gloss, which is really annoying. Also I have freckles and dark brows, and idk how to make myself look more natural as a blonde. Any advice?

Hello there!

For the makeup, you have a few options:

– use a satin finish lipstick for a bit of gloss but without as much stickiness as a lip gloss might have, or see if you can find a liquid lipstick with a shiny instead of matte finish

– find a gloss without much stickiness to it. Some glosses are stickier than others, so a lip oil product or a gloss that’s higher quality and less sticky would be a good choice.

– be careful to keep your hair out of your face throughout the day

– Use a lip stain instead of a stick or a gloss and forget about the finish not being the same

To me, her lip makeup looks like a lipstick with shine to it rather than a gloss, especially because of the deep red color. I would recommend filling in lips all the way with a lipliner (clear or matching the stick), and then applying lipstick with a lip brush to ensure longevity of color. Powdering your lips can make the stick last longer, but will get rid of any shine. Go to a makeup store that has testers and test the color on the back of your hand to check for texture and finish, and see what the store’s return policy is if you end up not liking the color. Even within the same product line in the same brand, finishes, longevity, and texture can vary depending on the color.

As for your brows, you can recolor them! Here is a list of tutorials on how to do so  – YMMV on different techniques. (I personally use a large white eye pencil brushed through my brows with eyeshadow on top when going blonde.) I would recommend going a bit darker than your wig color for your brows, since brows tend to naturally be a bit darker than head hair.

For freckles, I personally wouldn’t worry, but if you want to cover them, make sure you use a foundation with a high enough coverage. Cream-based products set with powder tend to have higher coverage than powder or liquid products. You can also use a lighter coverage foundation if you just want to lighten them.

Be sure that when choosing a blonde wig, you choose one that works with your skintone and your undertones to make it look the most natural.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff