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Heya,i need a bit of help! I’ll be cosplaying Aizawa Shouta from bnha in the future,and i need a bit of help making his goggles! any suggestions?

Hello there!


Since this build is mostly straight lines, it would be fairly simple to construct out of any type of cuttable, flat material.

I would recommend using a pair of swim goggles as a base so that you don’t have to build the entire structure from scratch, though if you wanted to attach elastic to the back and center yourself, that would also be possible.

Cut your material (I’d recommend either a thicker craft foam or a plastic or some type) into two rectangles and two triangles, with the shorter sides the same length as the long side of the rectangles and the base long enough to create a good angle (experiment with paper patterns if you need) per eye. Cut the sight holes in the rectangles. Glue these together so that the rectangles are “tented” up, with the triangles on the sides. The long sides of the rectangles will each be glued to a short side of a triangle, and the short sides of the rectangles will be glued where they meet in the center. I would recommend curving the base of the triangles to fit your face, and cutting your materials at an angle (if thicker materials) so that the edges are flush with each other once glued. Paint your goggles as needed.

If you want the thicker bridge piece in the center, this would be created using a similar method of attaching to rectangles at an angle, though without the triangles on the sides. If you want the insides to appear dark, I would recommend attaching some tinted plastic to the backside of the goggles.

Once you have two of these strange pyramids, glue them over your swim goggle base or glue a small bit of elastic in the center and a piece of elastic enough to reach around the back of your head on the sides. I would also recommend getting a small amount of foam used for padding and gluing that to the insides, where they touch your eyes, for comfort – you can see that his goggles have that padding.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff