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Hello there!! big fan of your blog!! Im cosplaying Eruka frog from soul eater, I have decided to alter a black dress to match her dress, but im not sure how to go about the white polka dots, last time I tried to paint polka dots on somthing with a stencil (Gamzee Makra pants) it turned out looking really rushed and sloppy no matter how hard I tried XD any advice?

I’m sorry to hear that your Gamzee pants didn’t turn out as great as you hoped! I can share a couple stenciling tips that might help you out:

  • Make sure your stencil is right against the fabric. It helps to use stencil/contact paper that sticks to the fabric but you can also use wax paper/freezer paper and iron it in place. If you’re using anything else, you might want to use masking tape or weights to help hold it in place.
  • Paint in light layers. It helps to paint with a sponge and dab it on. If the colour isn’t strong enough you can go back over it later.
  • You don’t want to overly water-down your paint because it can bleed under the edges of your stencil. 
  • If you are using a brush, start on the stencil and brush toward the center of your design. You don’t want to brush toward the end of your stencil because you can push paint underneath. With a sponge, you want to dab over the stencil paper when painting near the edges. That way you are pushing the paper down while adding paint, so the edge doesn’t lift up. 

Other options for adding designs are screen printing, heat transfer vinyl, applique, or  iron-on transfers.

Hope this helps!

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Hey! I’m making cosplay which require a pair of wings, and i don’t really wanna use feathers (don’t want it to loik tacky) any tutorials or recommendations on how to make wings out of foam/cardboard/plastic?

There are different kinds of feathers that can give your wings a very sleek appearance. So if you’re worried about the fuzzy craft feathers being the wrong look, you might want to look into the other options before committing to making them from scratch.

But if you want to make some, I can link you to a few tutorials:


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This is more of a general convention question rather than just a cosplay question if that’s okay….Is it still okay to bring water and snacks to a con if the convention says no outside food or drinks? The convention I’m going to states in its policies that no outside food or drink will be permitted on the property.

That sounds like the convention is either being held at a venue that has these rules or the convention has an agreement with a food supplier. Either way, it doesn’t seem like it would be allowed.

Could you? Some events may have bag checks and they may make you throw out your food items or drinks to be allowed in. If you bring food, you risk that. So it is usually better not to.

If you have a food allergy, are a diabetic or have another medical reason to bring your own food I suggest contacting the convention to see what accommodations can be made for you.

If you are trying to save money by bringing food to the con you have some options. You can bring food with you to the area and keep it in your hotel room or car, then go there for snacks and meals. If you don’t have access to either, look to see if there are lockers on the property or a coat check so you can store snacks there. If possible, you can exit the convention and find cheaper snacks and meals in the area.

Hope this helps! 

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Do you have any tips on bigger women that are into cosplay? I’m a bigger girl so it’s hard to find a cosplay that would be flattering to my shape. I’m planning on going to a convention in December so I’d like start with my cosplay but I’m not sure what to do

Well first off, do you want to limit yourself to larger characters or characters with a similar “shape”? Some people might want to stick to characters they are similar to physically, and that is okay but can be kind of limiting. If this is the case for you, you may want to do some research (and ask some friends to help) so you can find characters you feel you fit. Some starting points might be the princess in the game Fat Princess, Rose from Steven Universe, Risley Law from Fairy Tail, Ursula from The Little Mermaid or 

Ellie from Borderlands or Ogre Fiona from Shrek. If you want to open up the pool of characters further, you could crossplay as a male character or do a human version of a mascot character like Totoro or a Pokemon.

If you don’t want to exclusively cosplay as larger characters then choose characters with outfits that you would feel confident wearing. Then alter the design as needed to fit your body type and comfort level. Some common additions would be lengthening shirts, adding corsets or taking garments in at the waist.

Go in confident and have a good time 🙂

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Hi There, I have just recently seen your post about Pax paint. I was recently going to buy some as I would like to do a project similar to Alexa Meade who paints ppl to look like canvases. Can you recommend a safe paint I could use to do this please? Many thanks

Look into theatrical makeup! There are water-based paints (usually in cakes that you add water to), there are oil-based grease paints which might give you more of the acrylic paint texture (these are usually creams and require a setting powder to dry), there are alcohol based paints that are long lasting (come in pallets or as liquids for airbrushing) and latex bodypaints (often used for painting on clothes).

You should still test it on you or your model’s skin before doing the full paint job, to make sure there isn’t an allergic reaction. Also you’ll want to make sure that you have the appropriate remover on hand to make sure the makeup can wash off. 

Some brand recommendations to get you started: mehron, ben nye, wolf fx and kryolan.


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A character I want to cosplay wears knee high boots. But they point up at the sides.. if that makes sense. The character is from Sailor Moon, Berthier. I’m just not too sure how to create this, I’ve also never made my own cosplay boots before.

Check out these boot and shoe cover tutorials, they should help you out.

These three in particular might be useful:
Quick and Easy Cosplay Boot Cover Tutorial

Do-It-Yourself: Wonder Woman Boots

Boot Cover Tutorial & Modifications

When making your pattern for the boot, include the bits that point up at the sides.


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Im working on a post apocalyptic costume and was wondering, how can I make it look like the trench coat look dusty without like, rolling in dusty sand? (its black if that helps) Also, I want to use old tires to cut up and make some shoulder armor of sorts and was wondering best ways to attach/mount it? I have pretty thin arms so Im worried about it not staying on.

Searching for the term “Weathering” will likely help you find some inspiration for the dusty look. 

If you are planning to wear the costume to a convention or inside, you will want to use something that won’t rub off. Matte paints are a good choice for this. Using earth-colours you can sponge, airbrush or paint onto your garments to create a dust-effect. You could also use dyes or stains to change the colour of certain fabrics. 

You may want to play around on spare paper or fabric to see what sort of tools (airbrush,sponge,stipple sponge,paintbrush,cloth) create what sorts of effects and how different amounts of paint will look. 

If you are wearing this costume outside or where you would be okay with some of the dirt rubbing off, you can use something called fuller’s earth. It is basically dust powder that you can rub onto a garment to make it look dirty, without using dirt and mud from your front yard. Some people also use kitchen spices to get different coloured effects like mustard powder or cinnamon powder. Since the dust is just added to the jacket and isn’t sealed or glued in place, it may rub off over time.

Hope this gives you some inspiration!

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Hi there~ I’m planning on cosplaying Shiro from Voltron Legendary Defender next year, but I have one little problem: I’m not very muscular. Shiro has obviously got a lot of upper body strength if you look at how he’s drawn and I… Don’t. Do you have any tips on how I can make my arms and chest appear like I’m more heavily built, like with padding or anything? (I’m really skinny, and also a girl, so any tips on this you can give would be amazing~) Thanks!

Look into muscle suits. They are usually body suits (but can be other garments) with padding (usually foam) that imitate muscle. You can buy them or make them yourself. 

These tutorials can help get you started. Goodluck!

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I have a cosplay outfit for Cirno from the Touhou series, and was thinking about updating it to wear at an upcoming con. In her most recent in-game appearance, she had several vines growing around her character; I’m not sure how I would go about accomplishing that! I want them to be flexible (since one wraps around her arm) but I also want them to actually look at least somewhat like plants… I’m not a very experienced cosplayer, and any help would be greatly appreciated!

When stuck, it helps to look up other people who have cosplayed the character. It can also help to think of characters that may have a similar costume piece and see what those cosplayers did. You may want to look at Poison Ivy cosplayers as they may have other solutions that might be useful! 

You might be able to find vines that have a wire base at a craft store that carries floral stuff. If not, you can attach some vines to wire you can bend to shape around yourself. The wire will support the shape and can allow you to put the vines in different positions for different photos if needed. 

If you didn’t want something pose-able you could make vines out of fabric, and sew it in place to your costume or a bodysuit.

Hope this gives you some inspiration!

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Hello there! I’m planning a cosplay with really small light-up parts where one is in each shoe, another one in the weapon and one in the glove. I don’t want to use LEDs for them as I can’t really connect them to a central on/off switch, so I wanted to ask if you or anyone else knows what else u could use to get a light-up or at least glow effect? Is there anything there or would LEDs still be the best?

To get it to actually light up, you need to use a light and LEDs are generally used because they are small and long lasting. Is there any reason why you couldn’t add an on-off switch for each light?

In the daylight, you can mimic glowing with paint effects. In the dark you can mimic glowing with black light and black light colours or use a glow-in-the-dark paint. For some situations, you might be able to use glow sticks to create a temporary glow effect. If you want the effect in photos you can edit the final images to appear as if they are glowing or use reflective tape and flash.

Hope this gives you some inspiration!

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