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Heya,i need a bit of help! I’ll be cosplaying Aizawa Shouta from bnha in the future,and i need a bit of help making his goggles! any suggestions?

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Since this build is mostly straight lines, it would be fairly simple to construct out of any type of cuttable, flat material.

I would recommend using a pair of swim goggles as a base so that you don’t have to build the entire structure from scratch, though if you wanted to attach elastic to the back and center yourself, that would also be possible.

Cut your material (I’d recommend either a thicker craft foam or a plastic or some type) into two rectangles and two triangles, with the shorter sides the same length as the long side of the rectangles and the base long enough to create a good angle (experiment with paper patterns if you need) per eye. Cut the sight holes in the rectangles. Glue these together so that the rectangles are “tented” up, with the triangles on the sides. The long sides of the rectangles will each be glued to a short side of a triangle, and the short sides of the rectangles will be glued where they meet in the center. I would recommend curving the base of the triangles to fit your face, and cutting your materials at an angle (if thicker materials) so that the edges are flush with each other once glued. Paint your goggles as needed.

If you want the thicker bridge piece in the center, this would be created using a similar method of attaching to rectangles at an angle, though without the triangles on the sides. If you want the insides to appear dark, I would recommend attaching some tinted plastic to the backside of the goggles.

Once you have two of these strange pyramids, glue them over your swim goggle base or glue a small bit of elastic in the center and a piece of elastic enough to reach around the back of your head on the sides. I would also recommend getting a small amount of foam used for padding and gluing that to the insides, where they touch your eyes, for comfort – you can see that his goggles have that padding.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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Hello!! I want to cosplay Tsuyu Asui from boku no hero academia and I was wondering if you had any advice on how do make her shoes?

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Since she has loafers in her school uniform, I assume you mean the frog outfit in the middle there?

My first thought is to build the bootcovers with the green parts treated almost like plush, but out of a suitable material for shoes. You would create pockets of space in the bootcovers out of the green fabric, and then stuff the area around the shoe so that they have the rounded shape.

You can also try attaching something round (pingpong balls might be the right size) to the base shoe, and then patterning the shoecovers around them.

I would recommend using the saran wrap or duct tape method of patterning for this, since the shapes are complex.

If you wanted something that wouldn’t involve sewing, you could cover your round objects in a stretch fabric and then glue them to the outside and top of the boot, or build the entire shape out of carved foam.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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Hello! I’m trying to cosplay Midnight from My Hero Academia and I’m having no luck finding any tutorials for her very unique costume. I’m mostly struggling to find purple, over the knee sheer stockings with a garter. Also as far as making the unique belt buckle…I’m definitely in need of a few pointers 🙏🏼

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For her stockings, if you can’t find ones that are the correct color, you have two options:

1. Dye white thigh-high stockings. You can get a custom color this way, and you would know that the stockings have a proper top to them that you don’t need to add yourself. Most stockings can be dyed with polyester dye, such as Rit Dyemore or iDye Poly. Since heat damages spandex fibers, I would recommend using the lowest possible heat that will still set your color, so you may need to experiment slightly. You may have luck on nylon tights with regular fabric dyes or acid dyes, as well.

2. Cut a pair of sheer purple tights into thigh highs. You will need to finish the tops yourself by either hemming them or using fold-over elastic, but you won’t need to mess with dyeing this way. Since she wears garters, you don’t need to worry as much about the cut tops wanting to slip down your legs, though elastic in the tops will help with this.

I would recommend purchasing separate garters or making your own. Since the garters attach to her belt, making your own would be a good custom option so that you can have that detail. Look for satin elastic and bra strap slides for the materials for this, or cannibalize an existing garterbelt for the materials. You can also purchase garter tabs in most fabric stores. Making the garters separate will also allow you to change out the stockings in case you get a run in them, though if you don’t want visible garter tabs, you can always sew the elastic of the garters directly to the tops of the stockings.

As for the belt buckle, I would recommend using either craft foam or a thermoplastic like Worbla or Thibra. With foam, you can cut the yellow detailing as a separate layer and overlay it on the base (red) layer, and with thermoplastics, you can create thin “snakes” of plastic to create the detailing.

Whichever material you use, you can either create loops of elastic on the back to slide it onto your belt (with hooks or snaps underneath on the belt itself to hold it closed), or you can add snaps to the buckle itself to snap it on, or you can build it over an existing buckle, such as a clip buckle, an autogrip buckle, or a pin buckle.

I hope that helps! Good lucl :]

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Ochako Uraraka Wig Tutorial! || My Hero Academia…

Ochako Uraraka Wig Tutorial! || My Hero Academia cosplay

Tutorial by: Naomi cosplay

Tutorial Link



pixelghosts: chu chu 〜 ♡


chu chu 〜 ♡

blackbettiecosplay: Mina Ashido – Boku no Her…


Mina Ashido – Boku no Hero Academia (Sakuracon 2018)

Plus Ultra!

Mina was a lot of fun to make – I got to experiment with spandex (including an iron on spandex for the purple bits) and making arm socks. This costume was patterned and made by me – horns, shrug, bodysuit, armsocks and boot covers. While I did purchase scleras for her cosplay, I had to skip them this time as I couldn’t get them in and still see to apply makeup (they don’t come in prescription) – thankfully I had Yellow Manson lenses as a stand in [my scleras were edited in Photoshop]. Matching the body paint to the gloves was difficult to say the least and it didn’t help that the pink body paint was a bit more translucent on darker skin, so it required a base of white paint first. It also didn’t help that all I had was grease based white to combine with my water based pink. THEY DO NOT MIX. Still this first run wasn’t too terrible. 😛

Photographer: Grace S.

Contacts – Honeycolor / Armsocks base – We Love Colors Tights in Lt. Pink

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vickykun: I’m so proud of my Froppy cosplay &l…


I’m so proud of my Froppy cosplay <3 <3 Pics by Janz Pertille!