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eroticneko: eroticneko: Yuri!! I made two set…



Yuri!! I made two sets, one innocent Yuri and one yandere Yuri 🙂 Her and Monika are my favorite Doki Doki girls and I can’t wait to be Monika in a girl on girl shoot sometime in the future!<3

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Also the reason there are two sets: One is the innocent Yuri and the other is the crazy yandere Yuri. The reason I made two is because I used a knife in the Yandere pictures and I didnt want to trigger anyone who dislikes knives or anything like that so I made a separate set instead of combining them into one big set^.^

kibumy: J u s t M o n i k a .


J u s t M o n i k a .

yakfrost: I haven’t been able to cosplay decen…


I haven’t been able to cosplay decently in a while, but I finally managed to do a mini Monika shoot in my own apartment lol. Hope you all like them~

Hi! I’m planning on going as Monika from doki doki literature club to a con soon. For props I’m working on a journal with poems written inside and heart shaped stickers to hand out. However, I’m not sure if this enough to make her recognizable since my face is kinda round compared to hers. What can I do? Also, how do I keep her wig from tangling? Thank you in advance! ♥♥

If you have the outfit, the hair and the bow you should stand out as the character to those who are familiar with the game!

I suggest bringing a large hair clip (claw clip) to hold the ponytail when you’re running around enjoying the con. The more it bounces loosely, the more tangled it will get! It is also helpful to bring a wig brush or wide toothed comb with you so you can detangle on the go. 

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