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The Art Of Cosplay

DC Supervillains – Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

By Karishma

Based in Japan 💚

Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn by Katy-Angel


harley Quinn (arkham asylum) cosplay by VilaKaine


The Holidays drive people a little nuts.

Check out these tutorials.

As for tips, definitely think about the weight as you create the prop. You’ll want to keep it fairly lightweight if you plan to carry the prop around the convention, use lightweight materials like foam or cardboard for the bulk. You may also want to keep size in mind. Will it fit in your car? Where will you store it? Lastly, a good base for painting makes a huge difference. Take the effort to prime and sand as needed before painting.

Duckie / Admin

Bombshell Harley by SqueakehB

Here is a cosplay newcomer ?
I hope we can give her feedback to get even better ?
She is on tumblr to find with the name cosplaynewbie 99

It would also be interesting to know if you want to see something more often?

Harley quinn cosplay by cosplaynewbie 99