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My original Sombrus, Overwatch/Metroid design! I post all my cosplay and progress on my instagram @phalafelcosplays

Cosplayer: @phalafelapproves
Character: Sombra
Series: Overwatch/Metroid

Character: Samus (Justin Bailey skin)

Series: Metroid

Instagram: Afrocosplay


Tumblr: @talesfromloutopia


Cosplayer: @phalafelapproves

Series: Overwatch/Metroid

Character: Vara Suit! Sombra

Cosplay Instagram: @phalafelcosplays


Top 10 of the pics on the blog this year. (Ranked in order of most notes)

1. Characters: Wonder Woman Series: DC Comics Photographer: Ash Slay’s Cosplay

2. Character: Steve and Conine  Series: Steven Universe Cosplayer: @wet-bulb

3. Character: Haruka Tenoh Series: Sailor Moon Cosplayer: jaxjaxattaxx

4.Character: Riri Williams Series: Marvel Comics Cosplayer: Mariana Santos

5. Character: Abigail Lincoln/ Numbah 5 Series: Codename Kids Next Door Cosplayer: @gonick

6.Character: Zero Suit Samus Series: Metroid Cosplayer: Otaku Skum Cosplay

7. Character: Ryuko Matoi Series: Kill la Kill Cosplayer: @chibithotcosplay  Photographer: (twitter: @55mmbae)

8. Character: Android 18 Series: Dragonball Z Cosplayer: Sami Bess

9. Character: Stevonnie Series: Steven Universe Cosplayer: @Meistertania Photographer: @Felix_Works

10. Character: Yoruichi Shihōin Anime: Bleach Cosplayer: @chibithotcosplay Photographer: @topherblev

If you have any sources for the unkown cosplayers/photographer please PM me.

The rank only includes pics that were uploaded and submitted to this blog. (No reblogs from other blogs were counted)

Ink Suit Samus by RizzyOkuni

Character: Zero Suit Samus

Series: Metroid

Cosplayer: Otaku Skum Cosplay