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Cosplay D.VA by Disharmonica Instagram: http…

Cosplay D.VA
by Disharmonica


Character: Doomfist

Character: Doomfist

Series: Overwatch

Cosplayer: @ChrisxRacer (instagram)

Photographer: Thru The Eyes of Hitch Photography



scandalousgaijin: – Julia

My original Sombrus, Overwatch/Metroid design!…

My original Sombrus, Overwatch/Metroid design! I post all my cosplay and progress on my instagram @phalafelcosplays

Cosplayer: @phalafelapproves
Character: Sombra
Series: Overwatch/Metroid

Do you know which style of Arda wig would be best for Junkrat from Overwatch? I’ve looked up spiking tutorials, so I think I’m covered on the actual how-to-do-it, but I don’t have money for their lacefronts and I’m not sure how the regular ones would look when they’re swept back. I thought a Lulu or Magnum long /might/ work, but I just want to be certain that I’m not spending a bunch of money on something that doesn’t look right. Also, how could I color the tips orange? If you answer, thanks!

When you sweep back a regular wig, it doesn’t look like the hair is coming out of your head. If you play with the styling a bit you might be able to make it look a bit less unnatural but it won’t look the same. 

You can add your own mesh fabric to the front of a wig and ventilate hairs into it, it will take some work but that will give you the same/a similar look to the lace front.

A trick that hides the wig’s hairline and doesn’t involve ventilating is adding a glued hairline. You glue bits of hair to the front of the wig so that they extend past the wig’s mesh. Once dry, you take a small pair of scissors and snip off the excess to create a spikey hairline. Then you style the long parts into your wig’s style.

Hope this gives you some inspiration!

Duckie / Admin

Brigitte Wig TutorialI will be your shield! Become the newest…

Brigitte Wig Tutorial

I will be your shield! Become the newest hero of Overwatch thanks to our Brigitte wig tutorial! 

Tutorial by: 

Arda Wigs

Tutorial Link:

Mercy – Overwatch Photo: https://www.instagra…

Mercy – Overwatch



Character: Doomfist

Character: Doomfist

Series: Overwatch

Cosplayer @chrisxracer

casualgardeneralpaca: D.Va (Overwatch)


D.Va (Overwatch)