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Character: Nechetanya

Series: Rokka no Yuusha/ Braves of the Six Flowers


Character: Bayek of Siwa (Hidden Ones DLC Outf…

Character: Bayek of Siwa (Hidden Ones DLC Outfit)

Series: Assassin’s Creed


Character: Erik Killmonger

Character: Erik Killmonger

Series: Black Panther

Photography by Emazing Studios


Character: Queen Ramonda

Character: Queen Ramonda

Series: Black Panther


chibiasya: “When a door closes, a window opens… Or, something…


When a door closes, a window opens… Or, something like that.

Life Is Strange – Max Caulfield COSPLAY

Cosplayer: Chibiasya

I’m going to do and post more coplay photos. Just follow me to support and see. Had own Tumblr blog before, but this one will be dedicated mainly to cosplay and photos. You are welcome!


Character: Peter Parker/Spiderman Series: Spid…

Character: Peter Parker/Spiderman

Series: Spiderman PS4

Eli Ayase | Love Livecosplayer Kure Mah (insta…

Eli Ayase | Love Live
cosplayer Kure Mah (
photo VALRO (

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I’m planning on making a Phos (with the longer hair) cosplay…

I’m planning on making a Phos (with the longer hair) cosplay from Houseki no Kuni. I’m planning on buying a teal wig then useing dark blue sharpies to add darker roots and shadows. I also wanted to add highlights to the wig and some glitter effects but im not sure how. Sharpies and bleach wouldnt work for lightening the fibres and spray paint would make the wig too “solid”. For the glitter effect i’ve seen some cosplayers use glitter spray, but ‘im scared that will have the same effect as the spray paint and normal glittler wouldn’t stay on the wig. Do you have any ideas?

Cosplay Tutorial says:

For the highlights: You could buy a light wig (the colour of your highlights) and then colour the teal in but that would be a lot of colouring. You could get a teal wig and light wefts, then colour the wefts to match your wig (except where the highlights are) and sew them in. 

Otherwise, you could use an airbrush to lightly add colour to the wig. It will add some crispiness but it is much more controlled than spray paint. You could also look into the tulip spray fabric paint, it goes on slightly translucent and is fairly light coats. Though I would spray it into a container and sponge it on for more even coverage. There are also paint markers which are strongly pigmented but thin. They may go on nicely. 

For the glitter: I’ve seen glitter hairspray and found that it took a couple layers to get a good glitter effect, which might lead to a crunchy wig. I find you can comb after doing a light hairspray and it will break apart the sections to help it look more natural. You could also try using regular hairspray and then apply a lightweight glitter. Another option is using a very tiny paintbrush and tweezers to apply glue and glitter piece by piece.

Hope that gives you some inspiration!
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Hey I was thinking of doing this pic above, but I’m having a…

Hey I was thinking of doing this pic above, but I’m having a little trouble in figuring out how I should do the armour. This also includes how to attach each piece. I have no access to the material worbla keep in mind. So it’s a bit of a conundrum when most tutorials use worbla as a material.


There are so many different materials you can use to make armor, you can view tutorials for a variety of these materials on the Cosplay Tutorial list’s Armor page. If you were considering Worbla armor, you may want to do Craft Foam / EVA foam armor instead. 

As for attaching it, there are lots of methods to do so but I would start by looking into Armor Strapping.


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Character: Starfire Series: Teen Titans Cosp…

Character: Starfire

Series: Teen Titans