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do you have any idea how to fix broken wig clips? i’m going to buy a broken wig from a friend with the intent of fixing it and then using it.


here are what the broken clips look like and the clips on both pigtails are broken in the same way.

Hello there!

This is thankfully a fairly easy fix! Ponytails are attached to the clips with an elastic drawstring. You should see the ends of the drawstring at one end of the clip.

Simply loosen the drawstring, remove the broken clip, replace it with one of the same size, and then tighten the drawstring around the new clip. I would keep one of the clips intact while you do the other one so you can more easily see how it goes together/about where the claw pieces are poked through the netting.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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Steven Universe Pearl Cosplay PSA

If you are planning on cosplaying any of the Pearls in SU, do yourself a favor and before you start sewing, go online and search a couple variations of “dance costume” or “ballet leotard” because chances are you’ll find something that is either basically perfect already or that requires only minor alterations, or else something they would wear, and you can go for the more casual costume (you can also buy ballet slippers for pretty cheap in loads of colors, and they usually take dye pretty well). A lot of them are gonna be for kids so you’ll have a bit more luck if you happen to be a petite person.

This leotard is basically exactly what White Pearl has on, complete with stomach cutout

This one feels very Blue Pearl even if it’s not quite her canon outfit

And this would make a perfect base for our Pearls first form! (I know I had trouble with that darned sheer panel at the top)

Character: Hermione Granger

Series: Harry Potter

Cosplayer: Princess Mahogany Cosplay

Character: Hermione Granger

Series: Harry Potter

Cosplayer: Princess Mahogany Cosplay

The Art Of Cosplay

DC Supervillains – Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

By Karishma

Based in Japan 💚

@kawaiiboushi submitted to cosplaytutorial:

any tips on how to achieve what’s going on with the skirt here? not even sure of the proper terminology to try to look up tutorials or patterns on my own.

Hello there!

The type of seaming on this dress is called “princess seams,” which is a term that denotes seams that run vertically over the fullest point of the bust. These are “armhole princess seams,” as they end at the armhole rather than the shoulder. Princess seams are typically a decorative way to get a bodice with curved shapes, as the seams accommodate the fullness of the bust while still allowing the rest of the torso to be fitted.

Breaking this down a bit further, the dress appears to have some sort of piping or trim inserted into the princess seams (note how the side seams are visible, but less thick and dark than the front seams), the skirt has a slight flare, and the princess seams open from the hip to reveal a light blue inset panel.

I would recommend getting a pattern that is relatively straight through the skirt, maybe with a small amount of flare, and creating the flare by adding the panels – these are basically triangles, and can be drafted yourself. You can use a pattern for a shorter dress and simply extend the bottom for length. Here are a few pattern options that would work well: 1 2 3 4 (Numbers 2 and 4 are the most basic and would be my top picks, personally.)

To draft the inset panels, make a mockup of the dress, and only sew it to the hip, where the opening begins. Try it on yourself or a dressform, and see how much it hangs open. I would recommend pinning in some fabric to hold the slits open slightly so you can see how it looks.

Measure how much you want the slits open at the bottom, and draw a triangle with that as the base measurement and the height as the length of the opening. If your base pattern is flared, make sure to draw the bottom of the triangle slightly curved to match the curve of the bottom of the dress – placing it inside the two pattern pieces and simply continuing the curve works for this.

For sewing, this is a good tutorial on how to attach the panel. (The term for this type of panel is a godet)

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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Character: Vegeta

Series: Dragon Ball Z

Cosplayer: Otaku Skum Cosplay

Links to her pages: Twitter / Instagram / Twitch / Facebook


Character: Sailor Moon

Series: Sailor Moon

Cosplayer: @nyxiefe


Character: Star Guardian Ahri

Series: League of Legends


Character: Ikumi Mito (Nikumi)

Series: Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars!)

Cosplayer: @chibithotcosplay

Photographer: @topherblev