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Thankfully, since distressed jeans are fashionable, there are TONS of guides out there on how to do it! Here’s a few methods you may find helpful:

Creating patches of horizontal white threading

Fraying with a razor

Light bleach wash and sandpaper

You can also use heavier grits of sandpaper (lower numbers) and elbow grease to not just soften, but to actually wear holes through the jeans.

Make sure you concentrate the distressing on areas that jeans would naturally get distressed – the fronts of the thighs, the knees, around areas that are on the tops of folds and creases (rather than inside the folds and creases) when worn, around the pocket openings and the bottom hems, etc.

Have fun with it! I hope that helps :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff / Twitter

Think of ways to merge the two outfits. Maybe you have the academy uniform’s structure but the colours that Weiss wears. Maybe the academy blazer is worn over Weiss’ normal outfit. Maybe there are patterns that can be added as small details to the uniform. Does Weiss have a prop? Can that be Boku-No-Heroified? What is the story behind this crossover, does she have a reason for being there? Can this reason be shown in the outfit or props? Could she simply be a person in the Boku universe who is also a RWBY fan with a RWBY plush or button? 

Maybe the best solution is just Weiss’ wig and a school uniform. Then, is there anything you can add to really make her recognizable? Poses, makeup, contacts? What really makes it clear who you are supposed to be?

I don’t have any answers for you because this is your crossover costume. Try drawing or photoshopping the look to see if it works and brainstorm what could be added or taken away.

All the best, 

Duckie / Admin