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DIY Circle Skirt for dancers! [reversible & double-layer…

DIY Circle Skirt for dancers! [reversible & double-layer & double-slit] 

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Prop: Shop – Simple Shield Form Tutorial &…

Prop: Shop – Simple Shield Form Tutorial & Template

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Punished Props Academy
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Luma Plush Tutorial 

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DIY Moana Heart of Te Fiti Necklace || Polymer Clay Tutorial || Maive Ferrando

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Maive Ferrando

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Cosplay Costume Shield

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Dottie Natal

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Kirito Great Sword Tutorial 

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Foam Scale Mail Armor Tutorial

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CorSec Props
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kobraCast Tutorial

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Thermo Cosplay
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Just date your Nadia advice and your Lucoa! Can you tell me how you made the horns? Mine are very heavy and are heard to manage

Lucoa was my quick and easy summer cosplay! So I used Diogok’s 3D File and printed them with PLA. They are pretty lightweight and the hat is comfortable.

We added a slight modification though: kevin added in a flat base with a peg, and then added a hole into the horn for added stability. There is a hole on either side of the hat, the peg is on the inside and pokes through the hole and the horn attaches from the outside. We bonded the peg and hole together with super glue. You can see the peg attached to the horn in the picture below. If you want this version of the file let me know, and I can put it online.  

I then painted directly on the horn with acrylic paint. Easy peasy!

Below: Our modified file with the peg (in grey)

If your horn is heavy, it may be the material or the density. If you want to re-make your horns without 3D printing then I recommend foam clay, paper clay, EVA foam or insulation foam. By making your horns hollow, you’ll reduce the weight quite a bit. If you are using a bakeable clay (like sculpey) then you can use aluminum foil as a base and then wrap it in clay – it will be a lot lighter and bake faster/more evenly. 

Big hats, hats with add-ons and wigs with crazy volume can get heavy over the course of the day even if they are manageable to begin with. So try to get some breaks in, your head and neck will thank you!

Hope this helps!
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