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Love Live White Day Kotori Minami Wings Tutorial Tutorial…

Love Live White Day Kotori Minami Wings Tutorial

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Rose Monroe
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Xayah & Rakan Wing Tutorial Tutorial by: Goff…

Xayah & Rakan Wing Tutorial 

Tutorial by:

Goff Cosplay 
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How to Style The Seven Deadly Sins Ban Cosplay Wig Tutorial…

How to Style The Seven Deadly Sins Ban Cosplay Wig

Tutorial by: RoleCosplay

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Hi! I’m going to cosplay Starfire from teen Titans and I’m at loss on how to make the chest armor and gauntlets, do you have any tips? I cant work with worbla bc apparently they dont sell it here :( thanks in avance!

Check out these tutorial lists:

They are the same material but the thicker sheets are usually called EVA and thinner sheets are usually called craft foam by the community! It is a cheaper material (usually), is pretty easy to work with and is commonly used for armor. 

There are other armor materials on that page which you can also look into as well. 

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Red blood cell’s hat tutorial – Cells at work! /…

Red blood cell’s hat tutorial – Cells at work! / Hataraku Saibou 

Tutorial by: 
Jenny Desu
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Odin Makes: Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout 4Tutorial by: Odin…

Odin Makes: Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout 4

Tutorial by: Odin Makes

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I want to cosplay a draenei from world of Warcraft, but I’m not good at wearing high heels for the hooved feet. Is there any other options you think I could do instead?

You can build the hooved feet over regular shoes, it just won’t have the same appearance. another method is to create stilts, but if you have issues with heels then you may also have issues with stilts. 

Edit: It looks like the stilt tutorial was taken down since I answered this question. Here are some similar tutorials:

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Hi!! I want to make a Professor Chaos (South Park) cosplay, and the hardest part (for me, a beginner) is gonna be his helmet. (I want to make it out of cardboard, cover it in tin foil, then clear packing tape). Do you have any templates/tips for making a cardboard helmet?

I’d start by making a template out of paper or card stock. I would literally make a tube that my head can fit in, and then (while wearing it) mark my nose/eyebrows and chin. Then take off the tube and draw the opening, taking into consideration the markings. Cut out the opening and then put it back on for adjustments. Just cut and tape as needed to make it fit comfortably while allowing you to easily put it on and take it off.  

Once you’re happy with the mockup, turn it into a pattern by cutting it into pieces. The more pieces you cut it into, the more rounded the helmet will be.

If you want to start with a base instead of making your own, I would look for a magneto helmet papercraft/pepakura file. It’s close enough that you’ll only need to make a couple alterations. 

Once you’ve cut your cardboard pieces out, tape or hot glue them together and cover with tinfoil. If you’re working with corrugated cardboard, you can add rounding by rolling your piece of cardboard into a tube with the ribs (lines) going horizontally. 

These links may help you see how rounded shapes are made with materials like cardboard: 

Craft foam (EVA foam) is better at creating rounded shapes and is generally a more durable material for armour. You may want to use it instead since it will be covered by tinfoil. This tutorial is a good reference for a similarly shaped helmet done in EVA.

You may want to pre-crinkle the tinfoil to get the same look as professor chaos. 

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Hi! Im looking to make the mask from Blood Moon zilean but im kind of stuck on how i would do it. Any help i could get?


I would start with a plastic mask base so that you have something to build off of, but you could also make a base to work off of. Then I would use a lightweight clay like foam clay or paper clay to build up the details. I think sculpting is a great way to achieve those organic shapes and gives you a lot of freedom to change and adjust as you build or sand down dried areas. 

If you’re not big on sculpting, then you could use craft foam/EVA foam to build the mask. Cutting craft foam gives you a lot of control over the less organic shapes. Thicker sheets of EVA foam can be sanded with a dremel tool to sculpt the curves of the mask and create the more organic shapes. 

Even though foam and paper clay are pretty lightweight materials, the mask may be a bit heavy to support with a basic string. I would use a strap that goes around the back of the head and one that goes over the top of the head and connects in the back. This will be covered by the fur, so you can make the straps as thick as you need for support. Alternatively, make the fur into a sort of hat that is secure on your head and then attach the mask to the fur-hat.


Hope this helps!
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How to Thicken a Wig/Add WeftsTutorial by: KCCTutorial Link…

How to Thicken a Wig/Add Wefts

Tutorial by:
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