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Hello! I was wondering if you had any tips or tutorials for a character I plan on making! His name is ivlis from the grey garden and I’m stuck on which fabric or how to make everything!

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If you are struggling with the entire costume, I would recommend breaking it down into more manageable pieces before starting. Things like the pants and boots can be purchased if you need to, but for the rest, make a breakdown of the costume, listing out all of the component parts, and start looking for tutorials or patterns for what you need (a trenchcoat pattern, a wings tutorial, a horns tutorial, etc.). Worry less about the character the tutorial demonstrates and think more about how the techniques shown can be adapted to the shapes, colors, and other details you need for this costume. If you have any more specific questions later, you can always come back and ask them!

I would recommend looking at the tutorial list on our site to help you get started. I also give an entire panel on the “where to get started” question – you can find the slides here.

For the coat fabric, I would recommend a fairly basic bottomweight fabric. The art style is smooth and a bit cartoony, and the coat is likely made out of a somewhat heavy woven material, due to the type of garment and the drape of it. I would look at something along the lines of a cotton twill. 

If you want the coat to flare like the artwork, you will need to build in some structure. Horsehair braid in the bottom will help, and if that is not enough for your tastes, you can create a small petticoat or sorts by gathering stiff netting to a waistband and wearing it underneath the coat, over the pants. Make sure you leave enough of a gap in front that the understructure doesn’t show. You can also include hoop boning in the bottom of the coat to create a bit more stiffness.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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So after many failed attempts and a lot of swearing I finally found a way to make a template that works! Feel free to use it you should be able to adjust it fairly easily. The dots are all 1 inch apart.
• I made the paper myself by laying it over my handy cutting board which has a grid on it each line is exactly an inch apart. My first couple of tries I was drawing the full line onto my paper but that was very confusing and hard to sort out so I just marked the 1 inch intervals wih dots which worked a lot better. You can also do this using a ruler it just might not be as precise but that’s ok.
•I highly recommend you make a paper mock up tape it together and try that on to make sure it’s going to fit you before you cut into your materials.
• I used EVA foam to make my armour. I was able to get a huge roll of the stuff at canadian tire in their carpet and rug section. When cutting EVA foam if you mess up a line don’t try recutting it just sand it down with a bit of sandpaper otherwise it ends up looking choppy and really rough around the edges. I used contact cement to glue everything together.
• I had to put elastic on the back edge of the side panels to attach it to the back panel so I could fit it over my shoulders without ripping it. This seems to work pretty well so far.

If you have any questions let me know I’ll be happy to help you out if I can! Good luck